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Australian Women Lawyers
Australian Women Lawyers is an organization which represents women lawyers throughout Australia. It is the peak body for women lawyers association throughout Australia. AWL's objectives include the advancement of women in the legal profession and the achievement of equality within the legal system for women.
President: Janean Richards 
Address:  Victorian Bar Owen Dixon Chambers
205 William Street Melbourne 3000
Tel: (03) 9601 6992
Fax: (03) 9640 0588
Email: janeanmr@webone.com.au
Web: www.womenlawyers.org.au

Australian Federation of University Women (AFUW) 
The AFUW is the national voice of graduate women, promoting the advancement of women worldwide and their equality of opportunity through initiatives in education, friendship and peace.  
Address: P.O. Box 224 Enmore NSW 2042 
Email: AFUWOZ@bigpond.net.au

Web: http://www.afuw.org.au/index.htm

Australian Feminist Law Foundation
The Australian Feminist Law Foundation (AFLF) is a leading vehicle for feminist legal analysis in Australia. The foundation publishes the Australian Feminist Law Journal which has a strong focus on applied feminist legal analysis.
Address: PO Box 4337 M.U. Parkville VIC 3052
Tel: 03 9882 9053
Fax: 03 9882 9527
Email: J.Grbich@latrobe.edu.au

Australian Local Government Women's Association
The Australian Local Government Women's Association was formed in 1951. A non-party organization, it was inspired particularly by the belief that more women should be involved in local government partly because this arm of government was especially relevant to housewives and mothers. It aims to assist in furthering knowledge and understanding of the function of local government, encourage women to participate and make a career in local government, watch over and protect the interests and the rights of women in local government, to take action in relation to any subject or activity affecting local government and local government legislation and lastly, to act in advisory capacity to intending women candidates for local government election.
National President: Cr Jenny Dale
Address: 24 Chesterfield Road, Epping. 2121.
Tel: 9806-5067
Email: jdale@connect.net.au
Web: www.algwa.com.au

Coalition of Australian Participating Organizations of Women (CAPOW)
CAPOW is a network of national women's organizations in Australia. Its purpose to give Australian women access to information and to provide support which will enable them to work together to achieve an equitable, sustainable and peaceful society. The network aims to empower women by giving them the means to share knowledge and resources in working to build a society which is equally informed by women.
Address: P.O. Box 123 Civic Square ACT 2608
Tel: 02 62570670
Fax: 02 6247 4669
Email: nwmc@ozemail.com.au

Country Women's Association of Australia (CWA)
The Country Women's Association of Australia (CWA) is the largest women's organization in Australia with a membership of approximately 25,500 in 1500 branches around the States and Territory. It aims to improve the conditions for women and children and make life better for families, especially those living in rural and remote Australia. CWA is self-funded, non-political and non-sectarian organization who's opinion is sought in many arenas. They maintain a strong working relationship with governments in all States and Territory. 
Address: 265 Greens Creek Road, EAST SASSAFRAS 7307
Tel: 03 64 26 7235
Fax: 03 64 26 7374
Web: http://www.cwaa.org.au/

Muslim Women's National Network of Australia (MWNNA)
The MWNNA is a peak body representing a network of Muslim women's organizations and individuals throughout Australia. They work closely with leading progressive Muslim figures in Australia and overseas.
Address: P.O. Box 213 Granville NSW 2142
Telefax: 02 96396394
Fax: 02 96437730
Email: info@mwnna.org.au
Web: www.mwnna.org.au

National Council of Women of Australia (NCWA)
The NCWA is an umbrella organization with which are affiliated in seven (7) State and Territory National Councils of Women. It was established by the State and Territory Councils of 1931 to deal with issues affecting women and their families at national and international levels.
Address: National Office 6A Thesiger Court Deakin ACT 2600
Tel: 02 62852337
Fax: 02 62852652
Email: info@ncwa.org.au
Address (Perth Office): NCWA, P.O. Box Y3022 East St. Georges Terrace Perth 6832
Web: www.ncwa.org.au

National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW)
The NFAW aims to advance and protect the interests of Australian women and to ensure the aims, ideals and the collective wisdom of the women's movement are handed on to new generations of women.
Address: P.O. Box 5009, NOWRA DC NSW 2541
Tel: 02 4422 2208
Fax: 02 4422 3878
Email: nfaw@nfaw.org
Web: www.nfaw.org.

National Women's Media Centre (NWMC)
The NWMC was founded in July 1994 and it aims to coordinate and facilitate the activities of women and women's groups aimed at promoting more realistic portrayal of women in all aspects of the media, to advocate and promote guidelines, community education and regulation to ensure that the diverse portrayals of women are appropriately represented, to assist women interested in media portrayal issues with training support, to provide a clearing house for information and research and to work to ensure women are involved in decision making and creative positions in media organizations.
Address: P.O. Box 123 Civic Square ACT 2608
Tel: 02 62570670
Fax: 02 62474669
Media complaints: 02 62570670
Email: nwmc@ozemail.com
Web. https://www.nwjc.org.au/

Radical Women (RW)
Radical Women is the revolutionary wing of the women's movement and a strong feminist voice within. They view women's leadership as decisive to world revolution and trains new women to take their place in the forefront of the struggle. RW is an autonomous, all-women's group, affiliated with the Freedom Socialist Party on the basis of mutual respect, solidarity and shared socialist feminist ideas. 
Address: P.O. Box 266 West Brunswick Vic 3055
Organizer: Debbie Brennan
Tel:  03-9386-3230
Fax: 03-9386-5065
Email: natradicalwomen@aol.com

United Nations Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Australia Incorporated
UNIFEM Australia is the official National Committee for Australia and is one of 19 National Committees formed throughout the world. It reaches into Federal, Government and the local community to lobby for funding and to exchange information. It select its own projects which are funded from the International Women's Day Breakfasts, and more recently the Spring Walks and the Canberra Seminar series.
President: Libby Lloyd
Address: P.O. Box 249 Mawson ACT 2607
Te;: 03 9571 1881
Fax: 03 9571 3964
Email: secretary@unifem.org.au
Web: www.unifem.org.au

Union of Australian Women
The Union of Australian Women is a national organisation formed in 1950 to work for the status and well-being of women in peaceful and environmentally safe world. They union is fighting for women to work and receive equal pay, for child care and pre-school education, a living wage, racial and sexual equality, the rights of indigenous people, disarmament, peace, non-violence and fertility control.
President: Ms. Anne Sgro
Address: Ross House 2nd Floor, 247 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000
Telefax: 03 96547409
Email: uawv@vicnet.net.au
Web: http://home.vicnet.net.au/~uawvic/

Women's Action Alliance (WAA)
WAA is a volunteer organization with active representation in each State and Territory of Australia. It aims to raise the status of women in the Australian community and to strengthen Australian families as the basis of society.
National President: Maurren McCarthy
Address: Suite 6, 493 Riversdale Road Camberwell Vic 3124
Tel: 03 98828809
Fax: 03 98134048
Email: enquiries@womensactionalliance.com.au
Web: www.womensactionalliance.com.au

Women in Management Incorporated
The mission of Women in Management Incorporated is to promote the professionalism of members through education, development, encouragement and mentoring; to promote the growth of the organization to bring these services to other women throughout the nation and to encourage growth, networking and quality within their existing chapters.
National President: KL Robertson Daly
Address: P. O. Box 854 North Sydney, 2059
Tel: 02 9955 1922
Fax: 02 9955 0171
Web: www.wimonline.org

Women Into Politics
A coalition of women's organisation and individual women working towards dramatically increasing the numbers of women at all levels of public life and towards making our public institutions more representative and democratic.
Address: P.O. Box  1144 North Sydney NSW 2060
Tel: 02 94376916
Fax: 02 99065935
Email: wip@womenintopolitics.org.au
Web: www.womenintopolitics.org.au

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
WILPF works to achieve through peaceful means world disarmament, full rights for women, racial and economic justice, an end to all forms of violence and to establish those political, social and psychological conditions which can assure peace, freedom and justice for all.
Address: P.O. Box 2064 Redcliffe North Queensland 4020
Telefax: 07-3880-0164
Email: mdziesak@bigpond.com
Web: http://www.wilpf.int.ch/

Women's Rights Action Network Australia (WRANA)
WRANA is a feminist human rights organization, based in lounge rooms, coffee shops and odd bits of space across Australia. Through advocacy, education and documentation projects we speak about women's human rights issues in Australia.
Address: P.O. Box 2092 Lygon Street, North LPO Brunswick East 3057
Email: wrana_projects@yahoo.com.au
Web: http://home.vicnet.net.au/~wrana/

National Women's Justice Coalition Inc. (NWJC)
The NWJC is a non-party political national network and peak advocacy body which works to promote women's equality before the law. The membership includes over 50 national women's peak organisations, 400 state groups and services, and a similar number of individual members including many leading legal academics. The NWJC is concerned that women's diverse views be taken into account in the debate about the head of state. The NWJC also aims to encourage assessment of constitutional and other options to promote women's legal equality.
Address: National Women's Justice Coalition
GPO Box 3148 Canberra ACT 2601
Tel: 02 62472075
Fax: 02 62573070
Email: nwjc@ozemail.com.au
Web: http://www.nwjc.org.au/

Women's Electoral Lobby (WEL)
WEL was formed in 1972, with the main objective of liberating women from the effects of discrimination arising from political, economic, sexual, educational and cultural constraints. WEL's role is primarily to lobby government bureaucracies, businesses, educational organisations, media and the community to bring about changes in legislation, procedures and attitudes, in order to achieve a society based on gender-equality and justice. WEL, non-party political, maintains a "watching brief" on many women's issues and acts when a crisis occurs at national or state level, depending on what the issue is.
Address: P.O. Box 191 Civic Square ACT 2608
Tel: 02 62476679
Fax: 02 62474669
Email: welaust@dynamite.com.au
Web: http://www.wel.org.au/

YWCA of Australia
The YWCA of Australia is committed to providing opportunities for women's growth, leadership and power to achieve a common vision: peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people.
Address: P.O. Box 1022 Dickson ACT 2602
Tel: 02 62305150
Fax: 02 62305156
Email: natoffice@ywca.org.au
Web: www.ywca.org.au

Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)
WWDA is the peak organization for women with all types of disabilities in Australia. It is a federating body of individuals and networks in each State and Territory of Australia and is made up of women with disabilities and associated organizations. It is the only organization of its kind in Australia and one of only a very small number internationally.
Address: P.O. Box 605, Rosny Park, Tasmania, 7018, Australia
Phone: +61 3 62448288
Fax: +61 3 62448255
Email: wwda@ozemail.com.au
Web: www.wwda.org.au

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The Afghan Women's Mission
The Afghan Women's Mission works closely with the Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan (RAWA) to support health, educational and other programs for Afghan women.
Web: http://afghanwomensmission.org

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
RAWA is the oldest political/social organization of women in Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan since 1977. It is an independent political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan. RAWA’s objective was to involve an increasing number of Afghan women in social and political activities aimed at acquiring women’s human rights and contributing to the struggle for the establishment of a government based on democratic and secular values in Afghanistan.
Address: P.O. Box 374, Quetta, Pakistan
Email: rawa@rawa.org
Web: www.rawa.org

Afghan Women Organization (AWO)
The focus of AWO's services are on women, believing that their well being is important and as well directly influences and supports the successful adaptation of all other members of their families and communities. Now, on their tenth (10th) year of operation, the AWO has expanded its services to successfully meet the continuing and rising needs of an ever growing Afghan community in Metropolitan Toronto and Mississauga.

Executive Director: Adeena Niazi
Address: 2333 Dundas Street West, Suite 205A, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 3A6
Email: awo@afghanwomen.org
Web: www.afghanwomen.org

Afghan Women Social and Cultural Organization (AWSCO)
AWSCO was established in 1994 by Ms. Qazi Marzia Babakarkhail. Over the past two decades Afghanistan has suffered from numerous wars, resulting in a significant decline in the standard of living. Women, in particular, were deprived of their civil rights, especially the right to work and be educated. AWSCO's mission is to "contribute to the rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan through the planning, designing and undertaking of economic and humanitarian assistance programs, as well as by developing the skills and capacity of Afghan women." AWSCO has created numerous projects throughout central and northern Afghanistan as well as in Peshawar, Pakistan. The projects include handicraft/vocational training, education in computers and English, health awareness, emergency relief, human rights education, women development programs, housing construction, water supply, as well as women and social affairs projects. Currently, AWSCO is working with UNICEF on a water and sanitation project in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Address: House #1, St. #3, right side Qalai Fatullah
Shar-e-naw, Kabul
E-mail: awsco_afghanistan@yahoo.com

Afghan Women Welfare Department (AWWD)
The Afghan Women Welfare Department (AWWD), a non-affiliated and non-profit Afghan woman NGO, was established in July 1989. The purpose was to deal with the great women-related emergency needs and to provide services to the Afghan refugee women in the North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan (the NWFP). AWWD, as a woman's organization strives and was established for the mere purpose of bettering Afghan women's welfare in refugee situations by elevating the educational and social status of Afghan women within the family, Afghan community and the world at large. AWWD achieves its objectives by providing community based programs, especially in refugee camps. These programs included English Language Programs, Typing and Computer training programs, Literacy, Health Education programs, Islamiat, Tailoring Training Programs, Carpet Weaving Training Programs, Vulnerable Female Refugee Assistance Programs, Poultry, Soap and Candle making Training programs, Credit System assistance(providing loans), Gender awareness, Embroidery training programs, etc. In the past twelve years, AWWD has trained approximately 6000 Afghan refugee women in the fields of Education, Vocational Training, Health and Income-Generation in Peshawar.
Address: Madeena Bazar, Share Now
Kabul City Street H1, House #25
Email: awwd@brain.net.pk

Afghan Women's Educational Centre (AWEC)
AWEC was established in 1991 by a group of educated Afghan women in Islamabad who were concerned about the lack of facilities for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The mission of AWEC is "to improve the status of women as leaders and as agents of positive change in an Islamic and traditional Afghan society." The primary goal of this organization is to improve the living conditions of marginalized groups of women and children. AWEC provides numerous opportunities to disadvantaged refugees, including two centers for women and street children, in Peshawar and Kabul which integrate skills development, literacy, health education, drug awareness, counseling on issues such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. For street children AWEC provides informal education to reintegrate them into schools, reproductive and maternal health services, as well as vocational training. Currently, AWEC is running one high school in Islamabad, in addition to constructing a widows support program and an emergency relief and water supply project in Kabul.
Address: House # 1228, Opposite Ministry of Higher Education,  Karte Char Main Road, Kabul
Cel: 0093 - 700-26-37-94
Email: awec@ceretechs.com; administration@awec.info
Web: www.awec.info

Afghan Women's Network (AWN)
Inspired by a UN Conference on Women in 1995, seven (7) female Afghan participants founded the Afghan Women's Network with the idea of establishing an environment to promote unity and cooperation among Afghan women. Their mission is to promote the rights of women and children on a national and international level by providing them with a strong voice. This voice is achieved through the formation of committees where educated females learn how to train and hold workshops for less educated women. Human and child rights, issues of gender, and problem solving are all issues that the committees discuss and explore. Their past and present activities include conducting capacity building workshops and skill development training of the English language. They are beginning gender training in six provinces in Afghanistan through a developing training team. They currently have an office in Afghanistan as well as one in Pakistan, where over twenty four NGO members work for women's empowerment. In the future Afghan Women's Network will hold a Child Rights Convention and wishes to establish a child rights committee in schools throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Address: Afghanistan Main Street, Tahmani Watt, near Russia Ambassador House, Kabul
Tel: 009370602040.
Email: awnkabul@hotmail.com; awnkabul_q@yahoo.com; awn.kabul@gmail.com
Web: www.Afghanwomensnetwork.org

Educational Training Centre for Poor Women and Girls of Afghanistan (ECW)
The Educational Training Center for Poor Women and Girl's of Afghanistan (ECW) was founded in 1997 to provide support, education and training to poor and widowed Afghan women who do not have access to jobs or schooling outside of the home. ECW is composed of fifteen volunteer members who coordinate and carry out the decisions of the organization. The staff, many former students of the program, volunteer their time and skills. More than 500 women have completed ECW's training and are able to generate an income from the goods they produce. ECW currently offers classes to more than 300 women in a variety of subjects, including literacy, English classes, embroidery, tailoring, and handicraft.
Address: Apt. #20, Block #14, Airport Blocks, Kabul
Tel: 93(0)70276065
Fax: 93(0)79323309

Email: arezo_qanih@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.afghanwomensnetwork.org/MembersDirectory/ECW.htm

New Afghanistan Women Association (NAWA)
The New Afghanistan Women Association (NAWA) formed in 2002 is the combination of Afghan Women Journalist Association (AWJA) founded in 1994, and Afghan Feminine Association (AFA) founded in 1999. NAWA's goal is to support Afghan women and girls by promoting their education. NAWA also aims to further democracy and women's rights by encouraging women to participate in reconstructing a new Afghanistan. Due to the high rate of illiteracy among Afghan women, the organization has set up home schools to educate them. Part of NAWA's programmatic activities also include training women to work as journalists and learn about the media. In addition they work to educate women about their right to learn, irrespective of their age or marital status. By raising women's awareness about their own rights NAWA hopes that women will be active partners in reconstructing a democratic Afghanistan.
Address: New Afghanistan Women Association (NAWA)
4th Microrayan Block 11, Apartment 30, Kabul
Email: shafiqa_h@yahoo.com

Training Human Rights Association (Afghanistan)
Training Human Rights Association for Afghanistan (THRA.) was founded in 2003 to train women in handicrafts and to promote women’s rights, especially related to the participation and election of women in government. With a staff of twelve women, THRA. trains women in tailoring and the production of handicrafts, provides literacy education, conducts training programs in human rights and advocates on behalf of women.
Address: Second Macrorayan Block No. 103, Apartment 1, Kabul
Tel: 0093070286774

Email: roshan_sirran@yahoo.com

World Organization for Mutual Afghan Network (WOMAN)
World Organization for Mutual Afghan Network (WOMAN) was founded by Mina Sherzoy in 2002 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The mission of WOMAN is to "educate, train and empower women not only to become self-sufficient but to play a very important role in their family life as well." The primary focus of this organization is helping widows and the needy, as well as promoting the self-sufficiency of women. During its short existence, WOMAN has initiated 50 women's literacy classes with 2000 students, sent 4 girls on a Law scholarship to Poland, and established on-going bead work and tailoring projects. Currently, WOMAN is working to add a maternity health clinic which trains nurses.
Address: Kolola Poshta, Opposite of Borje Bark, House No. 91, Kabul
E-mail:   minasherzoy@hotmail.com

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Azerbaijanian Council of Tran Caucasian Women Dialogue for Peace and Democracy
The organization was established in June 1994 in Washington DC, USA as an outgrowth of efforts of National Peace Foundation  (NPF), a Washington-based NGO in the region of Tran Caucasus. NPF functions as advisor, coordinator of our activities, fund raiser, provider with teaching materials for the seminars. The works on the following projects: 1) Education; 2) Promoting peace and democracy- which outgrew into an independent NGO in Azerbaijan-IPD; 3)Environment and 4) Psychological Rehabilitation of Children.

Address: R. Rza Street, Baku 9, 370000, Azerbaijan
Tel: (99412) 8922 983173
Fax: ( 99412 ) 8922 983173
Email Root@IPO.baku.az

Azerbaijan Republic Culture Association of Noble Women
Address: 94, Ressamlar evi, 6th Microregion,
Baku, 370114, Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 690300

Azerbaijani Society of Disabled Women
The initiative group of Azerbaijani Society of Disabled Women was established in 1997. At present, there are about 50 women's groups and they are working on the establishment of provincial branches. The group's purposes are: to change the attitude of society to disabled women, to light the issues of women's disability, to protect the rights and interests of disabled women, psychological rehabilitation and to deal with the problem of education, employment and professional orientation of disabled women.
Address: 6-Ci Mikrorayon, Proyezd 1410, Blok 3215
Tel: (994) 12-684819, 947036
Fax: (994) 12-981301
Email: office@oxfam.baku.az

Azerbaijan Women and Development Center
Initiates and supports activities of women, youth and civic NGOs. Monitors implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action. Methods include advocacy with government officials, parliament members and national and international networks.
Address: 3/6 S. Rustamov St., 370001, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: (994-12) 927-920
Fax: (994-12) 972-073
Email: elmira@awdc.baku.az
Web: http://www.stopvaw.org/5b784027-1101-4468-a8bc-99d26f8f2aee.html

Azerbaijan Women's Mejlis (Sevil)
The Azerbaijan Women's Mejlis (Sevil) advocacy centers on the provision of social protection to women and children. The organization also works on the increase of women's status in society, business and culture.
Coordinator: Tarana Guseynova
Address: 96 Zardabi Street, Baku, 370102, Azerbaijan
Tel: (99412) 983119

Azeri-Turk Women's Union
The Azeri-Turk Women's Union is a non-government organization providing assistance to women of Azerbaijan in all spheres. It aims to participate in international women's movement for the protection of women's rights.
Chairwoman: Tanzila Rustamhanli
Address: 9 Alizadeh Street, Baku 370033 Azerbaijan
Tel: (99412) 939703; 931714
Fax: (99412) 906564

Baku Association of Women of Azerbaijan
The association's areas of advocacy are: women's rights defense, women and family, children's health, social-economic defense of impoverished and many children families.
Address: 18, Bul-Bul Avenue, Baku, 370000, Azerbaijan
Tel: (99412) 931902
Fax: (99412) 983296

Business Women's Association
Address: 113, Lermontov Street, Baku, 370001, Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 923022

D. Alieva Association: The Defence of Rights of Women of Azerbaijan
Address: 1 Indjasanat Street Baku, 370009
Tel (99412) 921483; 927456
Fax (99412) 983165; 925808

Fatima-Zahra Muslim Ladies Society
Address: Bala Bagbanlar Settlement, Ozan Street Mirza Kerim Mosque, Gandja, Azerbaijan
Tel (889522) 43055

Jewish Women's Society of Azerbaijan
Address: 70 Azadlyg Avenue, Baku, 370007 Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 963627
Fax (99412) 387907

Mothers of the Sacrifices of War Republican Center
Address: 2A-26 Ataturk Street, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 664335; 996746

Solidarity of Women Department
Democratic Azerbaijanian World Party
Address: 23 Rajiev Street 370000 Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 383297; 663123

The Unit Intelligent Women
Address: 59 General Shikhlinski Street,
Baku, 3100015, Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 668806; 731267

Women Council of New Azerbaijan Party
Address: 32 Hagybekov Street 370000, Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 980502

Women Organization of Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan
Address: 3/11, 28 May Street, Baku 370014, Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 933378
Fax (99412) 987555
Email nsa@ngonet.baku.az

Women' Society of Azerbaijan (Peace)
Address: 54 Sabail Street, Baku, 370003, Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 915605

Women of Azerbaijan Association
Address: 6 Boyuk Gala Street, Baku 370004, Azerbaijan
Tel (99412) 927487


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