Women's Organization


Cambodian Women Crisis Centre
The Cambodian Women's Crisis Center (CWCC) was established in March of 1997. Its mission is to provide women who have been victims of gender-based abuse and their children with crisis intervention services and to reduce violence against women. CWCC provides services at both the drop-in-center and confidential shelter. It also has legal counseling, which informs women of their rights and legal options, the costs and benefits of legal action, and assisting women to obtain legal representation.
Address #21, Street 282, P.O. Box 2421, Phnom Penh 3, Cambodia
Tel: (855-23) 720 723
Fax: (855-23) 426 0090
Email: cwccpnp@cwcc.org.kh 
Web: http://www.cwcc.org.kh/

Cambodian Defenders Project
The International Human Rights Law Group established the Cambodian Defenders Project (CDP) in 1994 to strengthen respect for human rights, the legal system, rule of law and liberal democracy in Cambodia. In 1997, a Women's Resource Center (WRC) was established to meet the unique needs of disadvantaged Cambodian women and will include work in the area of battered women, family law and child custody as well as discrimination based on sex. Its primary emphasis is on the intersection of safety issues and legal strategy and the need to empower battered women by bringing them into the legal decision making process. To date, it is the largest group of legal aid lawyers in Cambodia, working to assist the poor and the vulnerable.
Address: No. 12, Street 282 Sangkat Beung, Keng Kang 1, Khan, Chom Kar Morn, Phnom Penh
Tel/Fax(855) 23 362524
Email: cdp@cdpcambodia.org
Web: www.cdpcambodia.org

Cambodia Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC)
ADHOC's Women's Rights program seeks to provide knowledge on women's rights to both women and men, so that they may regard women's rights as human rights and be aware of women's rights violations. The aim of the program is to also empower women and encourage them to build their self-confidence. Furthermore, the Women's Section aims to contribute to the progress of Cambodia as a nation by advocating the need for women and men to be partners in the development of Cambodian society.
Address: # 1, Street 158, Oukghna Troeung, PO Box 1024, Beng Raing, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel:(855-23) 218-653
Fax: (855-23) 217-229
E-mail: adhoc@bigpond.com.kh
Web: http://www.bigpond.com.kh/users/adhoc/about_adhoc/about_adhoc.htm

Cambodia Women's Development Agency (CWDA)
The association is a non-profit, non-government organization with no religious or political affiliations but with a strong feminist agenda. It is dedicated to promoting self-sufficiency and self-reliance in Cambodian communities and the advancement of women's economic and social rights.
Address: #19, St. 242, Kh. 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Postal address: P.O.Box 2334, Phnom Penh 3, Cambodia
Tel: (855) 23 210 449, (855) 12 970 660
Fax: (855) 23 210 487
Email: cwda@online.com.kh
Web: www.bigpond.com.kh/users/cwda

Khemara actively lead 50 other Cambodian Non Governmental organizations in forming public debate on women's issues during the recent national elections of 1993. Khemara lobbied for the inclusion of women's issues in the new constitution and obtained 3 key articles to protect the rights of women. It is the main convenor and organizer of AMARA, the Cambodian Women's Network for Peace, a movement to empower grass-roots women activity and to provide them with leadership skills. It lobbied for legal representation of women by public defenders, for the change of women's image portrayal in the media and for the promotion of national policies for women.
Address: Ottara Padei Wat, National Rt. 5, Russey Keo, Mittapheap, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel/Fax: 855-23-360134

Khmer Women's Voice Center
KWVC aims to empower women and encourages them to participate and make decisions in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres, KWVC has also the mission to educate society to recognize the roles and contributions of women, and to influence legislation on women's behalf. One of its major projects is the Gender Democracy and Women's Access to mid and top-level positions in the government.
Address: 14 E1 Street 322-51, P.O. Box 590, Ban Keng Kang 1, Chamcar Mon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone/Fax: +855 23 362 450

Email: seametr@forum.org.kh

Women for Prosperity
A non-profit organization that campaigns to get more women in positions of influence. It was formed in 1st July 1994. It that seeks to empower women, to enable them to economically support their families, to experience personal safety and security, and maintain their values and identity.
Address: No.19, Street 163, Sangkat Veal Vong, Republique Populaire de Pologne, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: (855) 23 212 429
Fax: (855) 23 212 447
Email: wfpnp@forum.org.kh
Contact: Nanda Pok, Executive Director
Or Mr Chey Sith, Project Coordinator
Address: 80, Blvd Preah Norodom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: (855) 23 313 143
Fax: (855) 23 210 705
Email: sitchey@forum.org.kh

Women's Media Centre of Cambodia (WMC)
WMC is a non-profit NGO using the media, specifically broadcasting, to promote social change. WMC touches on most issues effecting women in Cambodia today such as; HIV/Aids, trafficking, election, domestic violence, and poverty.
Address: # 30 Street 488, Sangkat Phsar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: (855) 23 364-882
Fax: (855) 23 364-882
Email: wmc@forum.org.kh
Web: www.forum.org.kh/~wmc

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All China Women's Federation (ACWF)
The ACWF is a mass organization dedicated to the advancement of Chinese women of all ethnic groups of all walks of life. It's mission is to protect women's rights and interests and to promote equality between men and women.
Address: 15 Jian Guo Men Nei St., Beijing 100730, China
Tel: (8610) 65221133/ 65225361
Fax: (8610) 65256503/ 65136044
Email: acwf@women.org.cn  
Web: www.women.org.cn

Association for the Advancement of Feminism
Address: Room 1202, Yam Tze Commercial Building, 17-23 Thomson Road, Wanchai, China

Capital Women Journalists' Association of China (CWJA-China)
Address: 15 Huixin, Dongjie, Beijing, China 100029
Contact: Li Xing
Tel: (8610) 64918640
Fax: (8610) 64918377
Email: lixing@chinadaily.net

Center for Women's Studies
Address: Shaanxi Teachers University, P.O. Box 45,
Xian 710062, China

Center for Women's Studies
Address: Library Building Room 407, Peking University, Peking 100871, China

China Association for Women's Journals and Periodicals
Address: 50 Dengshikou Street Doncheng District,
Beijing 100730, China
President: Wang Menglan
Tel: (861) 5134956

China Women's Association for Science & Technology
Address: Kexueyuan Nanlu, Haidian District, Shuangyushu,
100086 Beijing, China
Tel: (861) 25756 92
Fax: (861) 25756 91

Committee for Asian Women
Address: Unit E, 4/F Skyline Tower 18, Tong Mi Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel:(852) 27226150
Fax: (852) 23699895
Email: cawhk@hk.super.net

Gender Roles Research Programme-Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (HKIAPS)
The Gender Roles Research Programme aims to promote knowledge in gender research and women's studies and also to support action on enhancing gender equality and women's status.
Address: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, China
Web: www.cuhk.edu.hk/hkiaps/homepage.htm

Hong Kong Council of Women
Address: PO Box 819, Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women (HKABPW)
The association aims to promote the interests of business and professional women through a variety of business functions and professional development activities, to stimulate and encourage in women a realization and acceptance of their responsibilities to the community. It also encourages women to acquire education and training and to use their skills and intelligence for their own development.
Address: HKABPW, GPO Box 1526, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2535-9198
Fax: (852) 2904-0788
E-mail: info@hkabpw.org
Web: www.hkabpw.org

Hong Kong Federation of Women
The Federation is a non-profit making and non-political organization. The main objectives of which are to unite women from all walks of life to take an interest in Hong Kong affairs, improve and protect the lawful rights of women, and liaise with similar organizations all around the world. Members of the Federation come from all levels, occupations, races, and geographical regions in Hong Kong, including business women, professionals, workers and housewives as well as those who have leading roles in women's organizations in Hong Kong.
Address: 435 Lockhart Road, G/F, Wanchai, Hong Kong SAR, China
Tel: (852) 2833-6131
Fax: (852) 2833-6909
Email: info@hkfw.org
Web: www.hkfw.org

Hong Kong Women Christian Council
In 1987, a group of Christian sisters concerned about the future of Hong Kong who actively participated in church renewal movements were determined to gather and organize women and men within the church. They reflected on the meaning of faith to modern females and allied with other women's organizationsin society to fight for local women's rights. In January 1988, the HongKong Women Christian Council (HKWCC) was established. At present, HKWCC has about 130 members. Four full-time staff carry out the programs and daily administration. The work of HKWCC is now monitored by a 7-member executive committee which is elected by our members every year. The members, the staff and the executive committee share the same goals and ideals and we all work together to achieve the following objectives. The objectives of HKWCC are: i) To believe in sexual equality as a conceptand practice and to seek its realization in society according to God's will ii) To care for the issues confronting women and, based on women's experiencesand perspective, to be concerned with the discrimination of the Church and society against women iii) To earnestly promote women's opportunities for development in church and society, iv) To promote consciousness, to make women aware of their own situation and to ascertain their self-identity and ideals v) To coordinate with local Christian women, to encourage women to be concerned and participate in social reform vi) To coordinate with overseas women's organizations in building sisterhood and solidarity.
Address: No2. Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2721 0477
Fax: 852-2721 1438
Email: hkwomen@hknet.com
Web: http://members.hknet.com/~hkwomen

Marriage and Family Research Center
Address: Anhui University, Hefei, Anhui, China
Contact Person: Duan Hua Qui

Study Centre for Women in Social Development of China
Heber Social Sciences Academy
Address: No.9 Shi Yi Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Director: Zhou Wei-Wen

Women's Studies Centre-Beijing Foreign Studies University
Address: P.O. Box 8110, Beijing 100081, China
Contact Person: Prof. Jiaxiang Wang

Women's Studies Centre-Chinese Department
Address: Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou City,
Henan Province, China

Women's Studies Center-Party School of C.C. of C.P.C.
Address: 100 Dayouzhuang, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Women's Studies Research Centre
Address: University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road,
Hong Kong SAR, China

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International Federation of Business and Professional Women
The organization aims to organize business and professional women throughout the world to use their combined abilities and strength to work for equal opportunities, removal of discrimination, to encourage women to acquire education, improve their position in business, trade and professions.
Address: P.O. Box 568, Horsham RH13, 9ZP, West Sussex, New Zealand
Phone: 0044 1403 739373
Fax: 0044 1403 734432
Email: members@bpwintl.com

Cooks Islands National Council of Women
The council has an objective of seeking to promote the participation of women in all areas of national development.
Address: Titikaveka, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Email: cido@intaff.gov.ck

Local Government Gender Development Division-
Ministry of Internal Affairs & Social Services
Address: PO Box 98, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Email: womendiv@intaff.gov.ck