Women's Organization


Almaty Women's Information Center (AWIC) 
AWIC addresses issues of gender discrimination in Kazakhstan and works to promote equal rights through education and leadership training. It sponsors conferences and talks, works with the media, and publishes its own journal to disseminate information about violations of women's rights and the activities of women's organizations in countries around the world. AWIC also lobbies for legislation in protection of women's rights.
Address: ul. Volodarskogo 15-15, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel: (7) 67-84-26
Fax:(7) 50-61-87
Email: osce@nursat.kz

Center for Women's Support
Address: 25 District Dostyk , Apt. 4, Taldykorgan, 488000, Kazakhstan
Tel:(32822) 70-262
Fax: (32822) 70-262
Email: centerresurs@asdc.kz

Crisis Center "Girlfriends"
Address: 107/2 Abay Ave., Apt. 22, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel (3272) 686273
Email podrugi@women.kz

Feminist League
Feminist League is the first women's organization in Kazakhstan which was set up without any participation and support of government agencies, and which is working toward achieving total equality, and not just gaining some legal benefits. The League's priority is to provide legal, organizational, moral and financial support for creative women who strive to achieve full potential in their careers.
Address: 23-32 Abay Avenue, Almaty, 480091, Kazakhstan
Postal: P.O. Box 521, Almaty, 480091 Kazakhstan
Tel : (3272) 630242
Email: feminist@women.kz

Web: www.women.kz

"Green Women" Ecological News Agency
Founded in June 1995 by journalists from different newspapers and news agencies, this Ecological News Agency (ENA) is an independent non-governmental, non-profit organization that promotes public awareness of environmental issues, disseminates ecology-related information and environmental education in Kazakhstan.
Address: 2-73, Koktem 2 Almaty, 480070, Kazakhstan
Tel:(3272) 474537
Email: root@greenwomen.almaty.kz

Kokshetau Feminist League
Address: 170 Sovetskaya str., apt. 24 Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
Tel: (3162) 266-414
Email: galina_morozova@mail.kz

International Association of Women of the East
Address: 85 Karasai Batyr, room 420, Almaty, 480012, Kazakhstan
Tel: (3272) 292-507, 633-900
Email: ecowomen@women.kz

Karaganda: Gender Information and Analytical Center
Address: 1, Stepnoy-3, Apt. 117, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Email: gia@sys-pro.com.kz

Kazakhstan Women Information Network (KWIN)
KWIN is compose of women from 8 female NGOs from different locales of Kazakhstan, which came to the necessity of joint cooperation and operating in a uniform information space with the purpose of lobbying concerns of the women.
Tel:(73272) 652500
Fax: 73272 678426
Email: a_alfia@yahoo.com

League of Feminists
Registered in 1994, the league works to eliminate discrimination based on race, nationality, social status, religion, culture, age or health. It researches gender issues, advocates for legislation favorable to women and publishes articles and children's books. The league produces and distributes video and audio informational materials, provides counseling services and organizes women's self-defense courses.
Address: Internatsionalnaya St. 46, k.5, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel: (7) 32-25-46

Najada Women's Network Almaty
Its main aim is to inform women in Kazakhstan about the existence of women's projects, women's initiatives and women's NGOs to get more information about what they need.
Tel/Fax: (73272) 473640
E-mail: najadaweb@mail.ru
Web: www.najada.by.ru

National Commission on the Status of Family and Women's Affair
The national machinery of Kazakhstan for the advancement of women and for strengthening the family.
Address: 11 Beybitshilik Street, Astana, Kazakhstan

Society for the Promotion of Women's Initiatives
Address: Microraion 4, d. 5, k. 6, 417003 Uralsk, Kazakhstan
Tel: 272214/247483

The Fund "Women's Election Bloc"
It was founded by five women organizations of Kazakhstan. It is involved in women's participation in elections and electoral policy.
Address: 85 Karasai Batyr Street, Room 420, Almaty, 480012
Tel: (3272) 292-507, 633-900, 630-242
Email: voters@women.kz

The Coalition of NGOs "Women's Election Initiatives"
It is comprised of twenty non-governmental organizations engaged into women rights protection activities
Address: 480091, P.O. Box 52, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel: (3272) 630-242
Email: feminist@online.ru

The Center for Gender Issues Research
It is involved in research and education on gender issues.
Address: 87-B Dostyk Avenue, Apt. 25, Almaty, 480100, Kazakhstan
Tel: (3272) 644-902
Email: gender@women.kz

The Women's Union of the Kazak State National University
Address: 71 Al-Farabi Avenue, room 1304 Almaty, 480071, Kazakhstan
Tel: (3272) 472-611, 478-661, 622-312
Fax: (3272) 472-609

The Union of Women of the Ural Region
Address: 194 Lenin Avenue, Room 213 Uralsk, 417000, Kazakhstan
Tel: (31122) 21-748, 23-649
Fax: (31122) 20-679
Email: zinevr@nursat.kz

The Association of Women
Address: 157 Akyn Sary, Room 3 Taldykorgan, 488000, Kazakhstan
Tel: (3282) 40-477, 45-488, 45-396

UN Gender in Development Bureau
Address: 29 Kurmangazy, k. 53 480021, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel/Fax: 60-17-83
E-mail: galia@gender.almaty.kz

Women's League of Creative Initiative
The organization's goals and objectives are: involvement of women in social life, increasing women's prestige and professionalism, cultural programs, educational programs, aid to artisans in marketing and management, ecological programs and program of work with teenagers.
Address: ul. Kurmangazy 59A, kv. 37 480091, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel: 62-07-22, 32-05-28, 62-21-36

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Teitoiningaina Women's Centre
Teitoiningaina Women's Centre is the national Catholic Women’s group which aims to improve the standard of living and quality of life for members and their families. This is done through improving skill level of members to promote self-sufficiency and independence

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Diamond Association Informational Center (WNGO)
The Diamond Association was established in 1994 by women scientists from Bishkek universities and the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences to promote the physical, social and political well-being of women.
Address: Ulitsa Panfilova 200-39, 720001 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel: 222-428
E-mail: root@diam@amalker.com.kg

Forum of Women's NGOs of Kyrgyzstan
The Forum of Women's NGOs was created in 1995 following a conference of Central Asian women's organizations. Participants at the conference decided that regular meetings between women's organizations would facilitate information exchange and help groups cooperate. The forum meets monthly and unites representatives from 15 different Kyrgyz women's organizations.
Address: ul. Isanova 147, kv. 7 720033 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel: 21-45-85
E-mail: nugul@janay.bishkek.su

Kyrgyz Republic Women's Congress
The Women's Congress was established in May 1993. Its goal is to unite the women's movement in Kyrgyzstan to achieve full gender equality, eliminate discrimination, and promote democracy.
Address: 164a Chui Prospekt, k. 207 720001 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel/Fax: 21-08-73, 46-19-08
Email: zamira@congress.freenet.bishkek.su

Women In Development National Bureau
Address: 78 Pushkin Street, Room 1, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel/Fax: 7 3312 262255
Email: root@undp.bishkek.su

Women's Support Centre
The Women's Support Centre was established in February 1996 to assist women in need, especially the elderly, single mothers and mothers with many children.
Address: Mira 80, Kv #14,Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Tel:44 45 10
Email: rjench@geol.freenet.bishkek.su

Greenwomen Information Agency
Address: ul. Sovetskaia 208, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Email: greenw@int.bishkek.su

Women's League of Creative Initiative of Kyrgyzstan (WLCI)
WLCI was created to support, develop and sustain the talent and activities of the artists of Kyrgyzstan and to promote cross-cultural education.
Address: Mikrorayon Dzhal 82-19, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

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Asian Pacific Women's Information Network Centre (APWINC)
APWINC promotes the use of multimedia applications and information technologies among women. It is an offshoot of many individual women and women's organizations to work together toward developing ways to promote positive portrayal of women in the mass media.
Address: Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul.
Tel: (82-2) 7109428/9886
Fax: (82-2) 710-9896
Email: kiochkim@sookmyung.ac.kr, kckim@apwin.women.or.kr
Website: http://www.aworc.org/org/apwinc/apwinc.html

Center for Korean Women and Politics
Address: 256-13 Gongduk-Dong, JaeII Building, No. 906 Mapo-Ku, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (822) 7066761
Fax: (822) 7066765
Email: ckwp90@Christian.dacom.co.kr

Korean Institute for Women and Politics (KIWP)
KIWP seeks to promote the political interests and concerns of Korean Women; cultivate a democratic political culture within the Korean society; carry out researches to expand women s political participation and provide education and training programs for prospective women political leaders.
Address: Korea Business Center, Room 1910, 1338-21, Seocho-dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, 137-860, Korea
Tel: (822) 34740738
Fax: (822) 34746193
Email: hyejungy@kiwp.or.kr

Korea Women's Associations United (KWAU)

KWAU was created to unite the power of women's organizations working for women's rights and democracy. It has 31 member organizations representing the Korean women's movement. KWAU strives to build an equal society free from institutional discrimination and a democratic country where human rights are guaranteed. It also seeks to achieve the reunification of North and South Korea.
Contact: Cho Young-Sook
Address: 38-84 Changchung-Dong 1KA, Chung-ku, Seoul 100391, Republic of Korea
Tel: (82-2) 273-9535
Fax: (82-2) 273-9539
Email: info@www.women21.or.kr

Korean Women Workers Association United (KWWAU)
Address: Rm. 1305, 13th Floor, The Korean Ecumenical Bldg, #136-56, Yonji-dong, Jongno-ku, Seoul
Tel: (822) 708 4620
Fax: (822) 708 4622
Email: kwwa@chollian.net, kwwnet@jinbo.net, cpww@netsgo.com

Ministry of Gender Equality (MOGE)

The Ministry of Gender Equality (MOGE) is implementing programs to raise public awareness of gender equality, providing support for victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and prostitution, and formulating and implementing overall plans for eradication of violence against women.
Address: Director General, Women's Rights Promotion Bureau, MOGE, Central Government Complex, 77-6 Serjong-ro, 1ga, Jongro-gu, Seoul
Telephone (822) 2106-5295
Fax: (822) 2106-5297
Email: m_moge@moge.go.kr
Web: www.moge.go.kr

Korea Women's Hot Line
The Korea Women's Hot Line, as a women's rights activist group, is protecting women's rights from all kinds of violence and advancing women's social position as well as establishing gender equality in the spheres of family, work and society.
Address: 3/F, 38-84 Jangchung-dong-1-ga, Seoul
Email: heisoo@peacenet.or.kr

Seoul Women's Foundation
The Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in January 2002 under the auspices of the Seoul Metropolitan Government on behalf of the city's five million women. It offers various human resources development programs for women from all socio-economic backgrounds to excel in their fields, while endeavoring to strengthen women's networks and promote communications and mutual support. The Foundation also seeks to provide practical services to help the women of Seoul and the nation in their creative, artistic and cultural activities by hosting plays, events and exhibitions.
Executive Director: Do Yoon Byun
Address: Seoul Women's Plaza, 345-1, Daebang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul
Email: seoulwomen@seoulwomen.or.kr
Web: www.seoulwomen.or.kr

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Gender Resource Information and Development Centers (GRID)
Lao Women's Union Training and Development Center (Ban Sapanthong Kang)
The center was established under the responsibility of the Lao Women's Union in order to increase the amount of gender information available to the public, planners and policy makers. In the initial phase, the center is operating in four locations; Vientiane City, and the provinces of Sayaboury, Savannakhet, and XiengKhouang. Each GRID center will provide a resource library and gather gender-disaggregated data, in cooperation with the National Statistics Center.
Address: P.O. Box 59, Vientiane, Laos
Tel: +856 21 416 343
Fax: +856 21 416 343
E-mail: grid@pan-laos.net.la

Web: www.grid-lwu.org

Lao Women's Union (LWU)
The Lao Women's Union (LWU) was established on July 20th, 1955. The Union's emphasis is to heighten women's political awareness and understanding of the government's policies and directions, in order to defend the nation and to create better living conditions for all Laotian people. The LWU also promotes educational activities that contribute to the eradication of illiteracy, in order to achieve gender equality and the emancipation of women.
Address: Manthathourath Road, PO Box 59, Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.
Tel/Fax: +85621 214306
Contact: Madame, Khemphet Pholsena, Vice President
Email: laowu@laotel.com

Lao National Commission for the Advancement of Women (LaoNCAW)
The Lao National Comission for the Advancement of Women (LaoNCAW) was established in 2003 in accordance with the Prime Minister's Degree Number. 37. The aims of LaoNCAW is to promote and protect the benefits and legitimate rights of women in all aspects. The LaoNCAW has the functions, role, rights, important elements and organisational structure through central and local levels.
Address: P.O. Box 59, Vientiane, Lao PDR
Tel/Fax: (856-21) 243470
Email: laoncaw@laotel.com