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H.R.H. Princess Norodom Bophadevi
She is the Minister of Culture and the Fine Arts. She is the oldest daughter of King Nodorom Sihanouk's 14 children with 6 wives (many of whom died during the civil war). She lived in exile in Paris for a number of years and was leader of The Royal Cambodian Ballet at the time of her appointment to the cabinet. Her rank and title of Princess is Samdech Botrei Preach Ream

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Norodom Bopha Devi (Preah Ang Mechas)
Cambodia Ministers

Mu Sochua, Minister of Women's and Veterans' Affairs
Ms. Sochua heads the Cambodian Ministry of Women's and Veteran's Affairs since 1998. She lived in exile for 18 years and spent six years working as a U.N. relief worker on the Thai border. She returned to Cambodia in 1991 and established an organization called Khemara, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to advancing women's leadership through social, economic and political means. In 1995 she was appointed special adviser on women's affairs to the Cambodian prime minister.

Sochua worked hard to increase safety for women and girls. Part of her strategy is to place strong pressure on male police officers, prosecutors and judges to punish crimes of violence against women. Another is to personally invite rural women to run for elected office and voice their political opinions.

Source: Women start taking their places at the peace table

Tioulong Saumura, Member of Parliament
She is the representative of Phnom Penh in the Cambodian parliament, elected in 1998. She is from the liberal democratic Sam Rainsy party, which had won 15 out of the 122-seat Cambodian National Assembly.

Tioulong Saumura also chairs the Electoral Reform Task Force of the Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia. Saumura has lived and studied all over the world and worked in a variety of senior positions in investment banking in France. She has served her country as Central Bank Deputy Governor and Chair, Inter-ministerial Committee against Money Laundering.

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